Imagine if one took the movie "Idiocracy" and Orwell's book "1984"

and put them in a Large Concepts Super-Collider... an LCSC

one could create a new universe

and it would be much like the one we inhabit now

Middle-ish 2017

please - make it stop

of course that is exactly what some people want - for us all to say "please please make it stop - just make it go away" - and when it doesn't we will pretend it did away and tune out all stuff that contradicts our new found disbelief - we swath ourselves in comfortable lies and judge our progress by how much we infuriate those who stand outside our protective bubble - we are not happy until you are not happy

not exactly a way to make progress

Christmas/Years End 2016

here we have an xmas card (as opposed to a Christmas card) from professor Emmitt Plek

post election (US) November 2016


it is not entertainment or reality tee vee
it might be entertaining in some dark and ironic perspect
it certainly is not funny, like "ha ha ha", or is it?
it might be funny, like "oh this is odd" or "what the fuck!"
it could evolve quickly from a wtf event in to a worldwide disaster
it could be a wake up call for those who have been sleeping
it could be a signal to head for the doors
when there are no doors to head to
when there is no dream to wake from
when we are well down that evolutionary path to disaster
when there is nothing odd about this at all
this was predictable
this should be no surprise
we all made this
it's ours
we own it

enjoy blaming others
enjoy blaming yourself
enjoy blaming
enjoy the experience
enjoy experiencing
because these are interesting times
and we should all drink it in
go to your personalized reverb chambers
and scream and shout and be happy
or be mad and feel satisfaction at that anger
because you can feel something
rather than nothing

and know this
when everyone alive today turns to ash and dust
there will be those who look at our present moment
and our immediate future that is rushing up to meet us
and they will see their past
their history

and they will make their own judgments and explanations

will they thank us for our foresight and perspective?
will they author tomes extolling our wise choices?

will they create a fiction
a fantasy
some story
to justify their own

and who really gives a shit
apparently no one
not enough
not enough to change the pattern
the pattern that repeats
and repeats
and repeats
and repeats



- a contribution from our esteemed Emmitt Plek

Sometime leading up to primary elections (US) 2016

a couple quotes from Orwell and Idiocracy - with ref to Large Concepts Super-Collider / LCSC idea
Who controls the past controls the future.
Who controls the present controls the past.
George Orwell -1984 (published 1949)


"It's got electrolytes."
"Ow, my balls!"
Idiocracy (movie 2006)